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Yury Borshyk, Ph.D.,

Thomas E. Cain

Paul M. Nemiroff, M.S., Ph.D., M.D., F.A.C.S. ICA

Hovey Tyndall

Yury Borshyk, Ph.D.,
ICA Advisor and Associate
Opio, France

International Management and Geopolitical Issues

Dr. Borshyk has held numerous professorships at The University of Toronto, Harvard University, IMI (International Management Institute, Geneva, Switzerland), as well as professor of Strategy and Geopolitical Environment at IMD (International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland). His most recent faculty appointment was Professor of Geopolitics and International Business and Director of Executive Education at the Theseus Institute, an international management institute and research center in the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park, Nice, France.

His expertise is in international business, global political and socioeconomic trends, emerging economies, and alternative futures. He serves as consultant to numerous multinational corporations as well as international agencies (foreign and domestic), assessing global, regional, and country issues, business opportunities, and risks in various areas of the world.

He has consulted with, developed for, and implemented strategic planning and training programs for IBM, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Fiat, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Dr. Borshyk is listed in the Futures Research Directory and Harvardís International Directory of Business and Management Scholars and Research.

He recently edited Business Driven Action Learning: Global Best Practices, 2000. At the present time he is working on two books, The Future of Central and Eastern Europe and Global Trends and the Business Environment, which address the external environment of business and trends affecting corporations and countries. He is presently editing a second book on ďaction learningĒ related to executive development programs with Stephen Mercer, Director of Executive Education at Boeing, Inc.

Dr. Borshyk completed his Ph.D. at Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom, a Masters degree from the London School of Economics and a Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

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Thomas E. Cain
ICA Advisor and Associate
Tempe, Arizona

New Economy and CEO Mentoring

Mr. Cain is the Chairman of Symix Distribution.com, a subsidiary of Symix Systems, Inc., specializing in the development and implementation of Internet centric Supply Chain applications for mid- and large-size enterprises. Mr. Cain was the founder and CEO of Distribution Architects International, which designed and developed numerous software systems for product distribution, logistics, e-commerce, customer call centers, accounting and database applications. After 23 years, he sold the company to Symix Systems, Inc., and became Chairman of the Board of Symix Distribution.com.

He is a Microsoft Certified Systems and Internet Engineer (MCSE+1), participates in technical events sponsored by Microsoft, IBM, and Gartner Group, while continuing his education with the Harvard Business School Presidentís program.

Mr. Cain is very active in the Young Presidents Organization and serves as an international expert and global leader in Internet technologies as related to business strategies, processes, implementation and software as well as being a corporate eStrategist and university lecturer and consultant on eBusiness.

In addition, he serves on Arizona State Universityís Accountancy and MIS Board, Engineering Software Advisory Board, and is a board advisor for the Arizona State University School of Engineering and School of Business.

Mr. Cain has a Masters degree in Abstract Mathematics and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

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ICA Advisor
Paul M. Nemiroff, M.S., Ph.D., M.D., F.A.C.S. ICA
Advisor and Associate
Huntsville, AL

Healthcare and Organizational Development

Dr. Nemiroff has worked in a number of client settings including Kaiser Aluminum, General Foods Corporation, National Institute of Health, Armed Forces Institute, and was the Director of Staff Development for Kaiser Permanente Hospitals and the Huntsville Hospital System, where he was instrumental in new startups and developmental programs for the community. He has done extensive work on "Contingency" theories of management and decision making strategies.

Dr. Nemiroff has presented and published over 100 articles, book chapters, and research papers, both in medical/surgical areas as well as in the organizational/behavioral sciences.

He has been the recipient of over a dozen national awards for research, was the 1974 Outstanding Teacher of the Year at Purdue University, received the Humanitarian Award of the Year for operating on Bosnian refugees and has been appointed as a consultant to the Surgeon General of the Unites States Air Force on Hyperbaric Medicine.

Dr. Nemiroff holds an appointment as Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt University and was the Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Medicine Program in Huntsville, Alabama where he has developed an international reputation for his work on wound healing, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and thyroid surgery.

He is a Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon having received his M.D. degree from the University of California at Los Angeles with surgical residences at UCLA Cedars-Sinai and the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. In addition to being a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, he holds memberships in numerous medical organizations.

Dr. Nemiroff holds a Ph.D. in Administration and Behavioral Sciences degree and a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology from Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.

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Hovey M. Tyndall
Cave Creek, Arizona

Finance and Strategic Planning

Mr. Tyndall spent nearly 27 years of his professional career working for General Electric in their global strategic planning and finance areas. He managed the integration of strategic plans, business development, manpower planning, resource allocation, and venture coordination for General Electric ís interests in the Middle East, and Africa, contributing to a sales increase of 67% over four years.

He initiated plans for the restructuring of General Electricís participation in South Africa, resulting in lower costs and improved profitability. Mr. Tyndall coordinated General Electricís participation in the 1981 Baghdad Trade Fair, overcoming political and logistical obstacles. He developed strategic and financial recommendations for GEís participation in Philippines, Nigeria, and Southeast Asia and he managed a distribution transformer venture involving GE-Spain technology, Nigerian financing and GE-London management.

Mr. Tyndall managed the process for assessing business opportunities and environments, including integration of the participation by General Electricís strategic business units, for 25 key countries. He co-authored the strategic plan for General Electricís participation in Western Europe and participated in a study of General Electricís acquisition of a lighting company in Germany.

Mr. Tyndall has developed a tailor-made managing Cash Flow for Growth program, which he has presented to Digital Productsí European Headquarters employees in Geneva, Switzerland. He has also implemented cash flow improvement programs at Cooper Industries, Manville, Cessna Aircraft, British Aerospace, St.-Gobain (US Affiliates Certainteed and Norton), Bird Johnson, Standard Products, Cargill, Rochester Telephone, and Northrop Grumman resulting in a cash flow savings realized per group of twenty employees trained of $1 million or greater.

Mr. Tyndall has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and has taught mathematics and statistics to General Electric employees during his career.

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